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Finding UX and UI designers in New Zealand can be hard, especially seasoned professionals who are are truly empathetic to, and focused around, your customers.

And when it comes to some types of UX projects, sometimes you really need the full attention of an in-house specialist who can not only easily integrate into your existing team, but can consistently nail it.

At Heroic, we’re pretty particular about the way we do things. In fact, some would even say we’re super fussy. But then we’re actually rather proud of that.

When you hire a Heroic team member, you’ll be sure to get a seasoned UX professional working alongside you. They’ll be an integral member of your outfit, intimately familiar with your business and customers.

Accelerate your business with UX pRactitioners
Seasoned professionals

From UX designers, to writers and researchers, each member of our team is a senior UX professional with decades of experience. We’re all about quality.

International experience

From Spain to Silicon Valley, Australia and the UK, we’re an eclectic bunch. Our team have all been around the international block a few times and know how things work, here and overseas.

Challenging the status quo

Hired for their desire to see things that little bit differently, each Heroic member wants to work with companies that seek to revolutionise their digital products and stand out from the crowd.

Want to change daily lives

Building experiences that people not only want to use, but enjoy using is what we’re all about. And, whether that experience is on a phone or website, your customers daily lives are being made just that little bit better.

Collaborative creatives

We’re a bunch of team players who love to get stuck into some good honest work. And, we also love exchanging knowledge and learning from like-minded, driven individuals.

Customer lovers

Our promise to you is that we will always strive to champion the needs of your digital users over and above all else. That’s because, at Heroic the customer is king.

We work on fearless projects

The Heroic team works across a variety of UX and UI projects, from e Commerce revamps to software developments and interface re-designs.

Website, app and interface re-designs

Small to large-scale digital product revamps, including UX and UI designs.

User journey revamps

Analysis and re-design of the ways customers interact with your products.

User testing

From face-to-face to online surveys, we manage and conduct multiple tests with real users.

Wireframing & prototyping

Blueprints and mock ups to model experiences before they’re built.

Conversion enhancements

Analysis, advice and design of ways to increase sales and revenue.

Ecommerce optimisation

Enhancements to your digital purchase and sales channels.

Home page revamp

Advice on how to make your homepage more rich, sticky and user friendly.

UX audits & reviews

Insight on how users interact with your products and what’s not working.

Information architecture

Reorganisation and relabelling of your digital products such as navigation, sections and buttons.

UX strategy

Aligning with your business goals and aspirations to drive change over the long term for your users or customers.

Choose how you want to work

Our professionals are known for being flexible. Let us know what works best for you.

Our team of UX professionals

Work with a range of UX practitioners whose extensive skills can help you understand your users and drive your business forward.

Analysts (Business, market & data)

Our analysts look at where your business is currently at and where it’s going, how you stack up against your competitors, and what the market is doing in your particular space. They also make sense of the data you already have and look at ways to improve data capture and gain insights.

User researchers

Our researchers can manage, conduct and analyse a wide variety of different types of usability tests, from face-to-face interviews to online surveys, to help you get deep insights into your core demographic of customers or users.

UX designers

Focused on how the product makes people feel, user experience designers look at ways to optimise a product for its effective and enjoyable use. They seek to discover how things should be designed to align with user expectations and explore many different ways of solving a specific user problems. As part of this they create wireframes and prototypes.

UX auditors

Advanced heuristic evaluation of your digital products to root out user design problems and make considered recommendations to improve user experience. Auditors help you gain insight into how customers use your products and let you truly understand your users’ likes and dislikes.

UX writers

From calls to action, to buttons and product descriptions, our writers craft copy with the user in mind, ensuring they have a smooth and enjoyable experience and get to where they need to go as quickly as possible.

UI designers

Masters of digital design, user interface designers are focused on the interfaces people interact with, such as webpages or mobile app screens. They design each screen, usually referring to the prototypes the UX designer has provided, to make sure each interface is laid out correctly and visually communicates the journey and ideas the UX designer has described.

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