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Software as a service
Innovative web applications

We use customer insight and best practice design to build transformational SaaS products that drive long-term results. From marketing software to financial innovations, we can help Saas companies optimise revenue and push their business forward. Drawing on customer insight and competitor analysis, we can help you gain deeper understanding of your customers that will help build experiences they will use and love. Our designers can empower you to improve sales nurturing, lead generation, and overall customer experience.

Mobile experience

Exhilarating mobile interactions

We create mobile apps that enhance user engagement, strengthen brand recognition and optimise revenue streams. Our user experience designers can help you with user research, concepting and interface design of apps for both Google Play and the Apple App Store. Firstly, we help you understand the market and uncover what your customers want from a mobile experience. Then we concept and create mobile experiences that are innovative, smart and fun  – experiences your customers will use, enjoy and talk about.

Conversion optimisation

User acquisition redefined

Everyone’s used a website or app that’s confusing. No one wants to use a website that makes it hard to find things, let alone buy a product or service from it. We help you firstly understand how people are using and consuming your digital products. Then we help you figure out what the pain points are and what’s stopping sales, and then we turn this around. By re-designing and optimising acquisition flows and journeys, we can create user friendly experiences that will help grow revenue from the traffic you’re already getting.
Desktop software

Powerful native applications

We design interfaces for desktop software applications that foster brand engagement and loyalty and improve your bottom line. By taking full advantage of all the horsepower of the operating system – as opposed to a web browser – we build powerful software applications that can set you apart from truly reflect your product or services and set you apart from your competitors. From small businesses to global enterprises, we design a variety of B2B and B2C applications to help set your business up for long-term success and customer engagement. Our user experience designers can help you with user research, concepting, development and application of apps for both Mac OS and Windows.
Data visualisation

Palpable dashboard insights

Communicating data and numbers in a simple and straightforward way is no easy feat. We can help you visualise, organise and share data insights and information across the business and to key stakeholders. From statistical graphics to informational displays, our dashboard designs can help you communicate content quickly and effectively, helping you optimise both internal and external communications, marketing and data analysis. By creating palpable visual dashboards you can unleash the power of data and encourage your business to thrive.


Igniting customer interactions

By optimising each and every one of your online touch points, including your user journeys, the look and feel of your visual design, and the usability of your platform, we aim to create experiences that will encourage consumers to enter the sales funnel, convert to paying customers and become advocates for your brand. From user research to digital brand definition and the creation or redesign of essential sales pages, such as product and landing pages, we can help transform your ecommerce platform into a well-oiled, effective sales machine, all of which will help to increase your market share and bottom line.


Layering interactive realities

By creating Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (AR) experiences for your users, we can help you engage with them on a greater and more emotional and meaningful level. With multi-sensory experiences such as sight and touch, your brand can communicate and interact with your audience in a very different way. We can create powerful and immersive experiences your customers will use in their work life, social life and home life, helping to truly bring your brand to life in a new and different way.


Diverse communication approaches

Interacting with a computer or chatbot is much more than just another extension of your business. By creating user friendly and conversational experiences, we help make sure that your customers know you understand them and are listening to them, as and when required. From delving into customer and call-centre feedback, we can create AI-assisted voice and conversational interfaces that are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing – helping you get to the heart of the issues and services your customers need and expect from your business.


Ergonomic design systems

We can help your business develop innovative interfaces for many of he wearables already in the market, such as watches or glasses. From existing smart devices to experimental wearables, we can help you concept and design an interface that can help your users, internal or external to your business, do things in more integrated, ergonomic ways. Wearable devices can really improve the ease-of-use and effectiveness of products, leading to a happier customer base and improved brand recognition. As an emerging industry, wearables can really fast-forward the technology arm of your business and help you plan your future roadmap.

Digital kiosks

Striking public interfaces

We use deep-reaching research studies to help create interfaces for digital kiosks which improve public utilities, making them smarter and more useful in imaginative ways that dovetail with the environment they are in. Being in the public eye opens up challenges and opportunities for business, and we will support your business through this journey, by helping you gain the insight you need to define and then create great experiences that the public will find easy to use while out shopping, running errands and just going about their daily lives.

IoT & smart objects

Physical user interfaces

The Internet of Things (IoT) and smart objects are very much a part of people’s everyday lives; they have the power to affect consumer products in many interesting ways. The IoT offers the ability to engage with users at home or work – from devices for vehicles or home appliances, we can design innovative and smart physical interfaces that reflect, reinforce, and reiterate your business proposition and bring enjoyment to your users daily lives. We can help you concept and evolve your ideas, transforming them into interfaces that create opportunities for your users to integrate the digital world into their physical world.

Employee interfaces

Enhancing staff experience

By rethinking and redesigning internal applications and interfaces, we can help you to  enhance your internal communications and productivity, which will ultimately help everyone in your organisation work more efficiently towards a common set of objectives. We work closely with your business to create user friendly digital applications that will not only improve your employees day-to-day practices but will also encourage staff integration and employee satisfaction. By designing interfaces that empower employees to make the right decisions, we can help you create a more cohesive work culture, helping to accelerate your business agility across the board.

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