User experience auditing

Identify critical UX flaws & fast-track to powerful experiences

Fix problems before they get too big

We’ve all used an app, a  website or a piece of software that’s frustrated us.

Design flaws like confusing labels and forms that are hard to fill in, annoy people and hamper lead conversion.

By identifying usability issues and taking action quickly, you can create experiences your customers will use and enjoy.

Common problems:

  • Trouble understanding a new software system built by your developer
  • Lack of customer insight when building products or software
  • People abandoning the sales funnel half way through
  • Software or site is too complicated to understand
  • Low number of leads and/or conversions
  • Plenty of leads, but few conversions
  • Confusing content and navigation
  • Negative customer feedback
What audits do for your business
Turn traffic into sales

Expert design recommendations to help you convert leads into  prospects and sales.

Make customers smile

Create and keep happy customers by designing engaging and powerful digital products that they use and enjoy.

Increase lead capture

Enhanced customer experiences can create easier and clear customer journeys to encourage users through the sales funnel.

Truly understand users

UX audits give you deep insights into your customer base, giving  you the knowledge you need to make bold decisions.

Get business approval

By highlighting opportunities, audits give your stakeholders the evidence they need to give your project the green light.

Create a loyal community

Awesome user experiences help build powerful identities and brands that customers can trust and, in turn, advocate for.

Reduce your expenditure

Less time spent dealing with negative customer feedback means your time is freed up to work on other projects.

Improve speed to market

Improving the usability of business software can optimise both bespoke work and day-to-day business activities.

Comprehensive audits to unearth flaws

From design and layout to copy and usability, we look at all aspects of your website to provide a comprehensive list of recommendations.

Your users

Understanding your target audience, what they do and how they interact with your digital products.

Goals & KPIs

Review of your website, app or software goals and suggestions on how to achieve your KPIs.


Analysis of the market and what else is out there to see how you can stand out from the crowd.


Using insight and best practice, we evaluate UX, design, and customer journeys.


From headings to buttons and forms, we will review how effective your content is.

User flows

Customer journey analysis to look at ways to optimise user flows and reduce friction.


Suggestions on how to make your products simple, focused and easy to use.


Analysis of your style, colour and typography to ensure they are consistent and accessible across all touch-points.

Market fit

Feedback on the overall effectiveness of your product within the current environment.


Understanding how many visitors you have, which pages or screens are popular and how many leave after 15 seconds.


Review of your website goals, current leads and conversions and marketing strategies.


Analysis and feedback on how engaging, appealing and informative your homepage is.

How the process works
1. Business & market analysis

We look at where you’re at, what your goals are and how you stack up against your competitors.

2. Data analysis

We make sense of your data and look at areas of growth and opportunities that can be optimised.

3. Usability auditing

By applying the principles of user-centred design, we locate usability gaps in your experiences.

4. Expert evaluation

Two or more practitioners access your site and provide suggestions on how to plug gaps or enhance opportunities.

5. Validate our opinion

Using a sounding board of other team members, we aim to confirm our ideas before we finalise our feedback to you.

6. Recommendations

From business strategy to design, we provide a comprehensive set of suggestions to help drive your business forward.

What our audit clients say
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